Caring4Cal – A Huge Success!

Now that the program has officially ended July 1, 2024, we wanted to thank you for taking courses, getting coaching, and spreading the word to support the growth of California’s home- and community-based care providers.

Caring4Cal Results At A Glance

1.35 Million

1.35 Million+ Course Hours Taken By 44,000 Care Providers

$18 Million

$18 Million in Incentives


20,000+ Care Providers
Received Coaching

If you have already applied for an incentive, check your application status here.

Payment is not guaranteed. Applications are being reviewed in the order received. Funds are limited.

Coaches and the Helpline cannot answer questions about your claim application.

“I found the 15-hour training to be more beneficial than the professional development opportunities offered at my caregiving agency. It has been incredibly helpful, and although the incentive is appreciated, the knowledge gained has been truly invaluable.”

– Linda from San Diego,
Care Provider

“We are excited to provide comprehensive, high-quality training programs at no cost to health care workers to develop the workforce that California needs. Expert coaching will support the professional growth of students, newcomers, and providers working in institutional settings interested in switching to a home health care career path.”

– HCAI Director,
Elizabeth Landsberg

“Caring4Cal is one of the most successful training programs I have been a part of in my 20 years of experience.”

– Haimonot, El Proyecto, Caring4Cal Grantee and Training Provider

About Caring4Cal

Caring4Cal is a workforce development program created to expand, enhance, and strengthen California’s Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) through free training, incentives, and coaching.

The California Department of Health Care Access and Information, (HCAI), is committed to expanding equitable access to health care for all Californians—ensuring every community has the health workforce they need, safe and reliable health care facilities, and health information that can help make care more effective and affordable.

Through this new initiative, HCAI expanded, enhanced, and strengthened the workforce of California’s licensed or certified providers or those working as a Community Health Worker (CHWs) in Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) to increase access to health services for rural communities, children with complex medical conditions, and individuals with disabilities, as well as geriatric care for aging adults for the Medi-Cal population.



1. Caring4Cal Workforce Fund

The Caring4Cal Workforce Fund awarded approximately $25 million to various organizations to recruit and train HCBS care providers.

2. Caring4Cal Home Care Provider Training Program

Caring4Cal offered training, personal coaching, and incentives for current HCBS providers and care providers working or volunteering under supervision in institutional settings interested in switching to a home health care career path. Caring4Cal also offered newcomers such as students and others currently not in healthcare the opportunity to start their home health care provider career.