Caring4Cal recognizes the importance of linguistic diversity and inclusivity by offering courses in a variety of languages to cater to a broad range of participants. In addition to English and Spanish, the program provides courses in other languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Haitian, Haitian Creole, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, and Russian. This multi-lingual approach ensures that Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) healthcare providers and potential home-care providers from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access the course content in their preferred language.

Furthermore, Caring4Cal remains committed to expanding language options by considering the addition of more languages as they become available. This demonstrates the program’s dedication to reaching even more individuals and communities, thereby increasing the accessibility of healthcare training and education. The ability to search for courses in different languages through the course catalog allows participants to easily identify courses that match their language preferences and, by extension, their individual needs and goals.

Caring4Cal’s focus on offering courses in multiple languages is aligned with the broader mission of the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI), which aims to ensure equitable access to home healthcare for all Californians. By providing courses in various languages, the program contributes to making healthcare education more effective, inclusive, and accessible to a diverse range of home care providers, community care providers, and those interested in entering the home healthcare field.