The duration of Caring4Cal courses can vary depending on the specific course content and objectives. The length of each course is clearly indicated on the course description page within the Caring4Cal course catalog. Some courses may be shorter and more focused, while others may be more comprehensive and require more time to complete. The course length is designed to align with the specific learning outcomes and materials covered in each course.

It’s important to note that certain incentives within the Caring4Cal program may require participants, whether they are existing providers or potential providers, to complete a minimum number of hours of coursework. To meet these requirements, participants may need to take multiple courses, which could extend the overall time commitment. However, the program offers flexibility in the form of self-paced online courses and multiple sessions for many courses, allowing participants to start at any time and accommodate their schedules.

Overall, Caring4Cal aims to provide a range of course options to cater to the diverse needs of home care providers, community care providers, and those interested in entering the home healthcare field. The program’s course offerings are designed to support participants in advancing their skills and qualifications while offering options that align with their individual preferences and availability. The ultimate goal is to enhance the healthcare workforce in California, ensuring equitable access to Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) healthcare services for various communities, as part of the California Department of Health Care Access and Information’s mission to strengthen home healthcare access and effectiveness.