Caring4Cal is a groundbreaking workforce development program launched by the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) to address critical needs in the Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) sector. This program aims to expand, enhance, and strengthen the HCBS workforce by offering free training, coaching, and incentives, with rewards of up to $2,750. HCBS providers, including licensed and certified home care providers and community care providers, as well as those interested in becoming HCBS providers, are the primary target of this initiative. Caring4Cal places a strong emphasis on care provider recruitment and training, offering a range of courses and classes for care providers who play an integral role in the healthcare system, especially within the realm of HCBS.

Research shows that most people prefer home-based and client-centered care and outcomes of care for activities of daily living are often as good or better than care provided in other settings. Not only is the need for home- and community-based providers growing rapidly, it’s also a growing healthcare field offering many career pathways and opportunities for personal growth.

The program’s significance extends beyond simply enhancing individual skills, as it seeks to bolster the HCBS workforce. Through HCBS courses, recruitment, and training, Caring4Cal’s overarching goal is to create a more robust and capable HCBS workforce. This is critical for improving access to healthcare services for various underserved populations, including rural communities, children with complex medical conditions, individuals with disabilities, and the aging adults within the Medi-Cal population. By investing in the HCBS workforce and focusing on HCBS providers’ development, Caring4Cal aligns with HCAI’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to healthcare and fostering safe, reliable health facilities and services across the state.

Caring4Cal puts HCBS providers, licensed and certified home care providers, and community care providers at the forefront of care provider recruitment and training, offering HCBS courses and training programs to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective and affordable healthcare. By expanding the HCBS workforce and focusing on HCBS providers’ education, Caring4Cal contributes to the overarching mission of improving healthcare access and quality for all Californians, reinforcing the essential role of HCBS providers in delivering home- and community-based care.