Too Good to be True

It’s true! Caring4Cal has FREE home healthcare training courses! 

Have you ever come across an opportunity that seemed too good to be true? Well, Caring4Cal is the real deal! HCAI is offering an incredible chance for learners to start new careers or build their skills in the crucial Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) workforce.

Caring4Cal: A Limited-Time Opportunity

Caring4Cal is completely free and provides a three-part approach: training courses, personalized coaching, and incentives up to $2,750. It’s not an illusion: We strongly believe in supporting the essential workforce that cares for diverse communities across California.

Time is running out to earn incentives and take full advantage of the program! We’re on a mission to make a real impact, and we want you onboard!

Meeting the Growing Healthcare Needs of California

An aging population and an increase in chronic diseases have escalated the demand for licensed or certified home healthcare providers. Each year, the need continues to grow quickly, placing further strain on the existing workforce that is already stretched thin.

This initiative by the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) works to increase access to health services for rural communities, children with complex medical conditions, individuals with disabilities, as well as care for older adults. These Californians are diverse and need a provider workforce that is inclusive, supportive, and effective, providing everyday care in the home and throughout communities across the state.

Building a Better Workforce Today for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Needs

Through Caring4Cal, current and aspiring licensed or certified HCBS healthcare providers have access to hundreds of free training courses that deliver a three-part approach:

  • -Boost provider skills and accelerate careers
  • -Offer free personal coaching to help set goals, develop an action plan, and stay on track
  • -Provide financial incentives of up to $2,750

HCBS providers are essential to providing quality care in California homes and communities. Caring4Cal builds a better workforce today to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow.

Join Team Caring4Cal in Making a Difference

It’s not magic: The reality is that Caring4Cal ends May 31st 2024. Time is running out to earn incentives and take full advantage of the program. Join us now in making a difference and contributing to the growth of a skilled, compassionate, and diverse home healthcare workforce.

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