Building Home Care Provider Careers at

Caring4Cal is working to enhance and expand California’s essential Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) workforce, ensuring it can meet ever-growing demands. For both seasoned home care providers and those looking for a fulfilling new career in the HCBS field, offers a wealth of resources, and they’re all free. In this blog, we’ll take an up-close look at the Caring4Cal website and how it prepares providers for continued and future success.

Care Provider Training Courses demonstrates its commitment to training through its extensive course catalog, catering to established HCBS providers, those who would like to switch to an HCBS setting, and those interested but just starting out.

Diverse Course Offerings: Here providers can find a broad array of courses designed to elevate their skills and knowledge. These courses are designed to teach providers how to provide expert care in trending and new healthcare topics, as well as providing paths to licensure or certification.

Customized Learning Paths: Intuitive filters help home care providers discover courses that align with their career paths. Topics, availability, training formats, and language options enable pinpointing courses that fit individual needs and desired pathways.

Earning Rewards for Skill Development goes beyond training and coaching: There are up to $2,750 in financial incentives for eligible home care providers who complete home- and community-based healthcare training. At, providers can follow three easy steps to get paid:

Step 1: Find and Take Courses: HCBS providers must first complete 15 hours of approved courses.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Claim: Next, providers can create an account and record course completion to ensure eligibility.

Step 3: Get Paid: After review and approval by the Caring4Cal team, payments are disbursed within 45 business days!

Personalized Coaching for HCBS Success provides free coaching, ensuring continuous support for in-home and community-based care providers who seek these services. Personal career coaches keep motivation high and provide guidance on the path to success, regardless of the home care providers’ level of experience. Caring4Cal’s coaches are there to guide and support providers in reaching their goals and taking full advantage of the program.

The Outreach Partner Toolkit

Would you like to help current providers boost their skills, or get new providers signed up? Check out our Caring4Cal Outreach Partner Toolkit. In the toolkit, you will find helpful marketing materials like email templates, social media posts, fliers, and posters. serves as a dynamic and comprehensive platform for empowering care providers across home and community settings. Thank you for joining us in our mission to grow and support the HCBS field, and make a difference in the lives of those depending on quality healthcare at home.

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