The Caring4Cal Healthcare Career Quiz: A Research-Backed Guide for Aspiring Care Providers Through the Maze of HCBS Careers

In HCAI’s dedication to expanding, enhancing, and strengthening California’s Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) workforce, we are excited to announce Caring4Cal has partnered with Gladeo to create the Healthcare Career Quiz. The quiz is designed to help discover and design an ideal HCBS career path for prospective care providers!

Gladeo is an innovative career navigation service platform, using research-based methods to address the challenging barriers that all individuals face when starting and pursuing their career journeys. The career quiz features career tracks and offers a straightforward guide for people looking to explore which healthcare career path best meets their goals and personality.

Empowering New Recruits

Caring4Cal is on a mission to recruit new HCBS care providers through our free training programs. Recognizing that many newcomers to the field may find it daunting to navigate the intricacies of the healthcare world, the Healthcare Career Quiz has been crafted as a compass, guiding them through the maze of career possibilities. Understanding the diverse landscape of healthcare careers is a significant challenge for those without prior experience. This quiz aims to illuminate the various paths available for anyone who is interested in getting free training and coaching from Caring4Cal but doesn’t know where to start.

The  Quiz

Designed to assess the preferences and interests of aspiring healthcare providers, the quiz delves into nuanced aspects of different roles. It gauges which career is best suited for a learner by examining qualities such as the level of pressure a job may entail, the empathetic skills required, and the extent of a counselor-like personality needed for success. This approach ensures that individuals can make informed decisions about which healthcare career aligns best with their strengths and interests, increasing their chances of program completion and career success.

Career Paths

Upon completing the quiz, individuals are directed towards specific career paths within the HCBS field. Each outlines the courses offered by Caring4Cal that are essential for the job, and a clear roadmap for exactly what steps learners need to take to embark on their journey in the chosen specialty. These essential career guides are always available for browsing, with or without taking the quiz.

Why Caring4Cal?

Beyond offering entirely free training courses, Caring4Cal stands out by providing personalized one-on-one coaching. Coaching is tailored to help individuals set goals, develop actionable plans, and stay on track throughout the program. Additionally, participants can benefit from financial incentives of up to $2,750, motivating them to complete courses and build their careers. 

Caring4Cal is not just an advocate for expanding the HCBS workforce; it is a comprehensive support system for individuals aiming to make a difference in healthcare. By providing invaluable resources such as Gladeo-powered career guidance, free training, personalized coaching, and financial incentives, Caring4Cal is committed to nurturing the next generation of compassionate and skilled care providers. Please help us spread the word to truly make a difference in the future of home and community healthcare in California and help those you know to build a fulfilling and long-lasting career!

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